• I have variation type products, How can I upload variant product upload on

    In the case of Variation Product while uploading on you need to map Jet Attribute, for Mapping Attribute, there are very simple steps

    1. Go to Product Section
    2. Under Product Section there is map Jet Attribute Option
    3. Click on map Jet Attribute, from there you can select the attributes which you want to keep for your variant products

     You can take help of given link-

  • I want real time inventory synchronization, when customer place an order from bigcommerce then inventory must be reduced on our store as well as on

    Yes, we have real-time inventory synchronization.  Once the customer places an order inventory is reduced from a store as well as from


  • How much time jet will take to make product live on

    It depends on the jet team. Normally they take one week if all the information from your side is correct. In case they take more than one week then you can personally contact them on support. You can also contact us. We will contact to a jet team on the behalf of client to solve the problem.

  • Do you provide any functionality to update price of each products?

    We provide a  functionality of CUSTOM PRICING. It is a special feature through which we can raise the price of any product.

    Go to admin setting. The custom pricing option is available, from there you can either select fixed amount or % age amount for products, you can also update the price of an individual product by selecting UPDATE PRICE CSV. Click on  YES  and then you can upload CSV and make changes.

  • My most of the products are excluded,why are they excluded in your app,now they are not listed in jet?

      Jet Team has some parameters and they analyze your products-

    • when they find that product pricing is competitive as compare to other market places, they exclude your products.
    • If you use some simple keywords like FREE, NEW etc to sell your products Jet team will discard your products.
    • The another condition is if you are selling some unauthorized products like drugs etc your products will be excluded.

  • I have archived my product still it has quantity,I am receiving orders for this product, please help?

    Once a product will be archive it can not be shown on JET. It may be possible that there is some lagging issue ( late response ) so it will take a time to archive your products.


  • My products are under review from many days why are they not getting live on jet?



    There are following guidelines of jet, which client has to follow while uploading products

    a) Image should not be watermarked (it does not contain text)

    b) The title of products should not contain words like new, genuine original, warranty, offers as well as a delivery date.

    c) The product description should not contain more than 2000 words also it can not be less than 2 words.



  • My most of the products are showing as unauthorized,I don't know the reason. I am unable to sell most of my premium products.

    If orders of  a product is canceled  many times, Jet unauthorized that product. Jet make a seller matrix according to which there is a fixed ratio between total orders and cancel orders. You must take care of this ratio. The second thing is if you don't have SKU of that product your product will be unauthorized.

  • Changing JET API provider to Cedcommerce, how to switch?

    A) First of all, make sure you had disconnected from the old API integration partner. You cannot use two API integration systems simultaneously.

    B) Contact us at let us know that you are switching from your API provider.

    C) Jet will put your account on hold for about 2 days. JET will also put seller products to an Unauthorized state so that customer can't make any order.

    D) If you add some product with the help of the previous app and-and it is not available on your store then we can't fetch order of that product. In this case, you must generate new SKU for that product on your Bigcommerce store.

  • My products are shown on with different description and images than what I submitted via app.

    Yes, it may happen whatever information you have submitted to Jet about your products like images, description etc should be varied. Because all that  should be done according to JET. They have own way to show your products.Sometimes they use another merchant's images or description.
     In this case, you can personally contact with Jet and make the request about this.

  • Why prices on are different from what I provided?

    It is clearly mentioned in Jet terms that JET has a total control of what price will be displayed on a JET marketplace for your products. You can only specify a price on which you want to sell your products also you can use a map price and MSRP to restrict JET from manipulating prices too much.  Please note that no matter what price a customer buys your product for, you will always receive an amount you specified as a product price.

  • Can I edit SKU value for my product?

    Jet does not allow to change the value of any SKU. If you really want to change the value of any SKU, first you must archive your product then you need to assign a new SKU to product and then again upload it on Jet. You can see your previous product with old SKU will be in archive state and the same product with new SKU will be shown as live.

  • Can I delete products on JET?

    Once you have submitted your products to Jet you cannot delete products from there, you can only archive them. Here it is equal to delete. If you again need them in future you can unarchive them. Well, archive and a unarchived process are little bit slow so another way is you can update the quantity of your inventory to 0. In this case, you will not get the order of that product.

  • I have more than 100 products only few products are imported to your app?

    We would like to inform you that we import your products on our app only when you provide valid SKU and product type to your products. Both information is the must. So it is recommended that provide an SKU and product type to your product.

  • Can I easily adjust product description, title, images etc. once a product is live?

    Once an item goes live, it is not easy to make updates to its content at real-time.

    When you make any changes on the SKU, image or description of the product, it may change or it may not. Please remember that Jet uses a unified catalog and Jet reserves the right to choose which image/description needs to use. The process is not automatic. Only shipping weight, pricing, and qty are values that can be adjusted without any approval from Jet catalog team.

    If you wish to make any changes (text, images) to already uploaded products you need to do-

    1. Submit changes by exporting products to JET

    2. Contact JET catalog team at, provide them a list of updated SKUs and request for changes to the content of your listings. While sending this requests, try to be as specific why did you make these changes.

    Please note, submitting updates usually do not take products back to under review state

  • My shop is FBA integrated, do you sync jet order on my FBA ?

    Yes ! If you are fulfilling the order from FBA then the order will auto sync to FBA.

  • I want to remove a product temporarily from and I don’t want to archive it. How should I do?

    Well, of course, you can do this. You just need to set the quantity to 0 of that product.

  • I want to update prices of my products on Jet using your app. How can I do it?

     To update the prices of products using our apps.

    Click Settings >

    Product Custom Pricing >

    Visit Product Custom Pricing.

    Here you can increase the prices of all the products at once or individually.

    i) Dynamic Pricing (all at once)

    ii) Update Via CSV (individually)

    i) Further, prices of all the products at once can be increased in two ways.

    a) Fixed Amount:

    To increase the prices of the product by a Fixed amount

    Choose Fixed Amount> Enter the amount

    b) Fixed Pricing:

    To increase the prices of the products by %age amount

    Choose %age Amount> Enter the %age

    ii) To increase the prices individually,

    Set Yes>Upload the updated-price CSV

  • There are some product(s) which is not mine but shows under my product category at manually review the products to ensure scrutiny of the highest standards. But human errors can happen anywhere. So in this case, you just need to connect with team (at and report your issue, and it will be taken care of. Moreover, our panel can be used for all the rest functionalities during this period well.

  • I’m trying to edit product pricing but it doesn’t change, also the order are not fulfilling. Why? Is there any problem with app?

    This can be due to rare technical glitch due to transfer of data through APIs (Already they’ve placed an efficient API

    a transfer mechanism and they’re working relentlessly to improve further). Thus, in some cases, fulfilling orders or editing

    products become difficult.

    However, JET team resolves the issues within 24-48 hours.

  • My products are listed as EXCLUDED. Why?

    There are certain categories of products that are excluded by If your products belong to these categories than it might be excluded.

    To know about the prohibited categories, read   Product Listing Guidelines.


  • Why does the cost is lower to pay from debit card that credit card?

    Since retailers, also, have to pay a fee for credit card transactions, the cost increases. Whereas with the Debit Cards, there is no such fee is involved. Hence it is more efficient to pay through the debit card.


  • What is Jet's shipping and return policy?

    Please read Jet Shipping and Delivery Policy, and Jet Return Policy.

  • Are there any restrictions on shopping at

    There is no such type of restrictions. However, reserves the right to prohibit or limit sales to resellers or other parties who

    purchase product(s) from with the intention to resell those products. also reserves the right to limit the quantity of

    items purchased per account, credit card, shipping address, person, household or order for any reason.

  • How does Jet calculate sales tax?

    Items sold by Jet are subject to the STATE TAX GUIDELINES where the destination of the products matters much. (AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, KS, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NY, NV, OH, SD, UT, VT, and WA). Any applicable tax will be applied to the price you pay for taxable items .

  • Does Jet offer any tax exemptions?

    Eligible governmental, non-profit, charitable and similar organizations should email all tax-exempt requests to Include a copy of applicable

    State or federal exemption certificates. Eligible tax exemptions will be processed by Jet and tax will not be charged on future purchases made by eligible tax-exempt.

    Jet does not honor resale exemption certificates, as purchases for resale are against Jet’s Terms of Use.

  • I have one order on Jet but it is not synced in your app?

    Only those order can fetch in an app which is in ready state , when an order comes in ready state from created state then it will acknowledge in-app within 15 minutes and also auto sync on Bigcommerce store. The order can not fetch in two  conditions:-

    1)If sky does not exist in Bigcommerce store

    2)Products don't have inventory

  • What is dynamic pricing feature? OR I am not getting my orders, what is the reason?

    We provide a special feature DYNAMIC PRICING.  With the help of this feature, you can update the price of your product individually-

    1) With the help this feature you can select the minimum and maximum price of your product and also a bid price. With the help of this bid price you can make changes in your product's price.
    2) Make sure before enabling this feature you must disable CUSTOM PRICING feature.
    3) To know the competitor price you can select product and then click on GET COMPETITOR PRICE.