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All in one platform for merchants to list products on Newegg B2B marketplace and manage their inventory, order and shipping

Most Useful Features

Auto Acknowledge Orders
Auto acknowledgement within 15 minutes of order placed on Newegg B2B.
Products Management
Import 10,000 SKU's(including variants) after that custom charge will be apply $100/10k SKU's.
Orders Management
Easy listing and fulfilment with tracking information of Newegg B2B orders from Bigcommerce store.
Variants Product Support
Variant products are one of the mostly used products in any E-Commerce store. Bigcommerce variant products support is provided with this app.
Realtime Error Handling
Realtime error handling is achieved with our app. If issues occur in any product uploaded on Newegg B2B, proper messages are shown in the notification section for errors.
Fully Featured Dashboard
Dashboard of our app gives the information about the total number of products uploaded on Newegg B2B, number of live and archived products along with the number of orders imported by the app and your shops lifetime sales.

At Your Service

Connect with Newegg B2B

Get notified automatically when any order is placed on Newegg B2B for your products!

Regular Earning

Earn regularly with your products sold on Newegg B2B.

Up to Date

Remain updated every time something new happens to your products on Newegg B2B.

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You will love it when you use it!

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