BigCommerce Sears-Integration Documentation :: How to Sell on


Sears Integration app by CedCommerce synchronizes BigCommerce Store with With the help of APIs provided by Sears, the app creates a channel facilitating the synchronization of product inventory and orders, updating product's information and helps you manage the products from your BigCommerce store itself.


For installing Sears BigCommerce Integration app, visit sears-marketplace-integration & click GET option (The app will ask permission for approving the data access of their BigCommerce stores using API).

install After that, click INSTALL APP option (If access of different API levels is granted, the process of seamless integration of your BigCommerce store with sears begins).

Sears Configuration Setup

To successfully integrate your BigCommerce Store with and to start selling on, few settings are required to be configured.


The first step of configuration process is the Registration step. In this merchant need to enter his personal details like: name, company address, e-mail, contact number, etc.


Enter Sears Api

To successfully integrate your BigCommerce Store with Sears and start selling on it, you need to provide Sears Seller ID, Authorization Key, Location ID and Seller Email ID.
NOTE: The email ID that you had filled in your Sears details should be the same you are entering in this form.

step2 Thereafter, Click "Next" button.

In order to obtain Sears Seller ID, Authorization Key, Location ID and Seller Email ID the merchant needs to login to his sears Seller Panel.

1. Click on the Seller Profile Dropdown,


When you click on the dropdown you will get the Seller ID and the link for Account Information and Fulfillment Locations. Copy this Seller ID and fill it in the step-2


Now click on Account Info, there you can find the Email and the Authorization Key.


After that, Click on Fulfillment Locations to get the Location ID. live-api Click on "Next" button.
Now that BigCommerce store is integrated with Sears, importing products on sears from BigCommerce Store is the thirdqaw step.

Product Import Section

This step enables you to import products to your sears integration app.

Here you get three options:

All products: It enables you to import all the BigCommerce store products in the app.

Published products: It enables you to import only those products which are available at your BigCommerce store’s front-end.

Select products to import: It enables you to import only those product that you want. A table will be displayed listing all the products you can select any product to import.


After selecting "All products" you will get the status of

  • 1. Total Product(s) Available

  • 2. Product(s) not having Product Type

  • import-product
  • If you have products that do not have Product type, you can click on View, you will be re-directed to the BigCommerce Store.

    -> Login to your BigCommerce store and visit product section then click the products for which you want to define product types


    -> Too long, Right?! No problem,
    You can define all product types at once with bulk product edit.

    Visit product section > Select All Products > Click Edit Products > Click Add Fields > Select Product type

    bulk-edit-products bulk-edit-product-type

  • 5. Product(s) Ready To import = Total Product(s) - Product(s) not having SKU

Now Click on Start Import


Sears Category Mapping

On the left side of the screen is Product type (BigCommerce) and on right side Sears Category Name. Map appropriate BigCommerce product types with categories. Thereafter, provide appropriate Mature Content and Offer condition to each of the Product Type. Now that mapping is done, click NEXT.


Sears Attribute Mapping

Choose sears attributes that you want to map with your product variant options.


Sears Configuration Setting

Sears Setting

All the information that you had entered while Configuration Step-2 is saved here. If in any case you want to change the Keys you can edit them from here and Save it. sears-attribute-mapping

Sears Return Location


Sears Order

Here you have the option, you want to synchronize the orders in your BigCommerce store or not. You can set is "Yes" if you want all your orders to be sync in BigCommerce Store. sears-attribute-mapping

Auto Product Sync

Here is the option to sync the products related information from your BigCommerce store to the app. Product auto sync with Shopify

Product Settings

Product Import Option

Here is the option to import the products from your BigCommerce store to the app. sears-attribute-mapping

Product Custom Pricing

If you want increase or decrease the price of all the products by same amount or percentage then you can do it from here.
You can do it by selecting YES
> then Select Increase Price or Decrease Price.
> then select whether you want to change the price in Fixed Amount or in Percentage.
> Set the fixed amount of percentage by how much you want to change the price. sears-attribute-mapping

Threshold Product Inventory

From here you can set the minimum limit of the product inventory, when the product inventory reach to that level you will get the notification on the dashboad of the app and it shows out of stock on the marketplace so that non of your order get failed. sears-attribute-mapping

Email Subscription Setting

To alert you for all the happenings of your product on, you can enable the subscription for each of the desired action i.e. alerts when New order is received or, when the order is rejected, or when the order contains error etc.

To do this

Go to Admin Settings->Choose the desired alerts by ticking against the events



On the Dashboard of the app, you can see the Products, Import/Export, Orders and Settings on the top menu bar. Below that you can have a look of your Store Revenue on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
You can also view the status of your products and the order status. You will be albe to get the "Latest Updates" related to the app and the and the "Inventory Update".



Map Category

Befor uploading your products to Sears marketplace you need to map the category of your products under which you want to list your products.


Sears Attribute Mapping

Attribute mapping is also important when you have variation products, before uploading your variation products to Sears marketplace you need to map the attribute of your products the Sears attributes.


Configure Products

Now that categories and attributes are mapped, all the settings are completed now its time to upload the product on for sale.

  • In sears-Integration app,
    Go to the top menu and Click PRODUCTS -> MANAGE PRODUCTS.
  • You can see all the BigCommerce store products that you imported are listed over here.
    Here all the different columns listed are self explanatory. See below.
  • shopify-product-listing

    In the above image you can see 2 buttons highlighted.

    Get Product Status: By clicking on this your product status is 'synced' with the stats on

    Select & Sync Product(s): By clicking "Select &Sync With BigCommerce" your product's will synchronize with BigCommerce Store.


    1) If there is any product without SKU, it will not be listed on App.

    2) Each variant must have unique SKU for every product.

    3) If merchant changed the SKU of uploaded product and again uploading same product ID but different SKU, then it might be conflicting SKU at the time of product upload. In this case you can set YES to SKU OVERRIDE and then upload that product).

    4) If you want to set the promotional price or the offer price to the product you can do it be adding promotional price to the product. This will display the actual price and as well as the offer price of the product on sears.

    5) Product price must be assigned to each product. Product price cannot be 0. You can update product price by admin panel of BigCommerce.

    6) You can also add Shipping Exception to products individually by clicking on Add Shipping Exception on Product Edit

  • Now to update any information of products,
    Click EDIT icon of the product. You can see many editable and non editable fields.

  • Configure Simple Products (Non Variant)

  • attribute-nonvariant As visible in the image above, the product has NO variations, the product can be uploaded directly.

  • Configure Variant Products

    Those products having different variations are called Variant Products. attribute-variant-new The attributes of the products are updated, again, as per’s category. As Variant Product is selected, it shows variable attribute listings. There are 4 products listing in the above image, first is the parent product and the other 3 are the children products.

  • Manage Products

    After all the products are properly edited. Means products have their Barcode (UPC, ISBN-10,ISBN-13,GTIN-14), Quantity and Attribute values, Price information, products can be uploaded at once.
    Go to top menu, Click Manage Products -> Upload Products
    All the products that are imported to the app are listed here (uploaded and not uploaded both).
    Filter the product status to Not uploaded products. Tick all the check boxes on the leftmost column, thereafter Select Upload and Click SUBMIT.

    Upload: It uploads the new products to or update the existing products information.

    Upload Products

    Select the product, choose upload and Click Submit. product-mass-upload-new You will get a message that the feed is successfully submitted.

    Import / Export

    This will help you to import the CSV file and update the information via CSV Import/Export.

    Product Update


    Order Management

    Under order management section, all the details of sears orders, whether it's Acknowledged, shipped, returned or refunded are stored.

    Note: Only the READY orders will be imported onto sears BigCommerce Integration app.

    If any new orders are created on, they are instantly fetched by our app. Same order is generated for the BigCommerce store if you have set "YES" to Sync Order on BigCommerce, for merchants to view details and fulfill them easily in their native order processing system.
    To view all the imported orders from our app.

    Sales Orders

    Sears orders can be viewed under sales order area in the app. To check order details, Go to top menu Orders ->Sales Order. order-listing

    Failed Orders

    In the case quantity is not available in BigCommerce store or product SKU doesn’t exist then the order is listed under Failed Orders. For checking details of failed orders
    Open Orders -> Failed Order section. failed-orders-list