BigCommerce Aliexpress-Integration Documentation :: How to Dropship from

What is Aliexpress?

A subsidiary of Alibaba,, is an ecommerce website small and medium online sellers use to sell products of their interest to buyers residing mainly in US, Russia, Spain, Brazil and elsewhere. Almost all types of products, manufactured by Chinese businesses, are listed on the Aliexpress, which are hugely popular among the drop shipping and affiliate marketers.

Reasons to Choose Aliexpress as dropship supplier (Dropship Perspective):

Wide Product Range:

The entire concept of dropshipping revolves around finding the most suitable product niche and it becomes very crucial that all of the products decided by vendors are available at dropshipping marketplace. Here Aliexpress scores big. It has almost all types of products from all the product categories.

Free Database:

It is difficult to find great dropship suppliers as mostly the lists or database of the suppliers are paid. However, on aliexpress it is freely available. Merchants can choose any products from the supplier after reviewing the supplier profiles.

Zero Fee:

Aliexpress don’t charge any fee - membership fee, restocking fee or delivery expenses - which makes it great for dropshippers as it helps them to maximize their profits.

Price Markup:

Sellers at Aliexpress don’t make any demands regarding the prices of the products they supply for merchants whereas, elsewhere they can ask for the final price to be only 20-25% more than their price with suppliers.

Unlimited Sales Volume:

Also, Aliexpress suppliers don’t place any bar on the minimum no of units to be sold for partnership to continue which otherwise is the case with most of the other dropship suppliers.

Less Legal Requirements:

Also, Dropshipping suppliers on Aliexpress don’t have any demands concerning the legal representation of the dropshipping businesses whereas, elsewhere they may ask for the business to register at a particular place.

How to Dropship with Aliexpress?

To Dropship with Aliexpress, sellers need to first apply and get approval from Aliexpress, once their application gets approved, sellers receive App key & Tracking ID. Following is the complete process →

1. Register to
2. Fill all required fields and sign up
3. After registration confirmed, login to
4 . Go to Adcenter -> API Setting.
5. Click Apply Now button to request your App Key and Tracking ID
6. You will get message "Your application has been submitted successfully.."
7. In most cases, the affiliate program approval process normally takes a week or more (considering some holidays).
8. If you get approved, you will see your App Key in Adcenter -> API Setting. 9. Create your own Tracking ID in Settings -> Tracking ID

Once you complete this process, sellers can integrate their Bigcommerce store with Aliexpress and start their business.