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Aliexpress Dropshipping App :: How to Dropship from


Aliexpress Dropshipping app by CedCommerce enables you to choose products from the popular marketplace Aliexpress and sell them to your website.

App Configurations Settings

Once the store owners have installed the app in the store and completed the procedure of registration, they have to proceed further with the other configuration settings through the app.

To set up the other configuration settings

  1. Go to the “Aliexpress Dropshipping App” app.The page appears as shown in the following figure:
    Aliexpress Dropshipping App Welcome Section
  2. On the top navigation bar, click the “Settings” icon, once you click the settings option following screen containing Aliexpress Configuration appears:
    Setting Section

    Here, let’s first discuss Product(s) Settings under Aliexpress Configuration:

    There are 4 options:
    Auto Product Update:Select Yes if you want to update all the product related changes from aliexpress to the app and on BigCommerce store.
    Auto Product Delete:Select Yes if you want auto-deletion of products from App and BigCommerce store it doesn't exist on
    Product Price Increment:If you want to increase the price of all the products by a same fixed amount or percentage then you can do it from here.

    Do this by selecting YES

    > Then select Increase Price.

    > Then select whether you want to change the price in Fixed Amount or in Percentage.

    > Set the fixed amount of percentage by how much you want to change the price.

    Currency:This option helps you choose the currency to change product prices and to send on your BigCommerce Store.


Once you are done with all the “Configuration settings” now you are ready to explore the app. Starting from the “Dashboard” of the App, i.e., home on the top navigation menu bar. The Dashboard of the app has several sections which are described below:

  • Order Information:Under this report, total order fetched from store(acknowledged), received but not delivered (In-Process) and fulfilled (Delivered) are shown.
    Revenue Information:This tab shows the information about Revenue (per week) and the total Lifetime revenue.
    Product Information:This tab gives insights about the total no of products fetched from Aliexpress and are live at aliexpress and the total no of products imported into the app.
    Shows order, revenue and product information.

Aliexpress Account Connection

To connect your Aliexpress Buyer Account follow below steps:

  • Go to Aliexpress Account section in the App.
  • Click on the Connect Now button. Aliexpress Account Connection section 1.
  • This will get redirected to your Aliexpress Buyer Account to get the authorization. Login your Aliexpress account. Aliexpress Account Connection section 2.
  • Kindly allow the authorization. Once done, your Aliexpress account will get connected with the App.
  • Aliexpress Account Connection section 3.

Product Import:

Trending Products:

This section shows all of the products that are currently popular therefore trending on Aliexpress to let you know what’s hot at the moment.

Aliexpress trending products.

Further, down the Dashboard, there is a section dedicated to Video and Blogs, content aimed at expanding your understanding and making you aware of the best practices in the drop shipping vertical.

Blog section

Search Products:

This tab is dedicated to finding the most relevant products to offer at your BigCommerce store. To find this

Click on the Search Products tab in the top menu bar.
Search section

Here there are 2 ways to Import a particular product

Either through Import Product by URL or ID
Or through Application of Advanced Filter

Import Products by URL or ID

Filter product(s)

Here, either you can simply enter the Product URL or its Product ID.

Product ID:It the numeral that comes just before .html extension in product URL.
For example:

In the above URL the numerals in Green is the Product ID.

Through Application of Advanced Filter

Another way to arrive directly at the Product in concern is by applying the filters.

Advance search section

To do so:

a). First Enter the Product Name and choose the relevant category or Simply Choose the Product Category

b). Thereafter, Apply filters on the basis of

Price:The desired Price Range
Seller’s Feedback Score:The range of reviews.
Sold in 30 days:The number of quantities sold in the last 30 days

Note:You can apply all of the filters at the same time or choose as per your convenience.

After all the products are properly imported and edited. Means products have their quantity, price information, and products can be created on your BigCommerce store at once.
Go to top menu, Click List Products
All the products that are imported to the app are listed here (simple and variants both).


Products / Category Management:

Product List

Here as you can see, there are 3 menus which contain different aspects of an item

  1. Product: This information contains details about Product Title and all of its variants and their pricing and quantities.
  2. Description: As the name suggests, it contains all the information that a buyer must know to increase the product purchase rate
  3. Shipment: Here you can choose the country to ship to, the related Shipment provider, shipping price, discount and other information.
  1. After click you will see the below image.
  2. From here you can edit product price and product inventory.
  3. If you made changes in price or inventory for any product.Click on either "Update Price" or "Update Inventory" or both.
  4. You can also make changes for product title and description.Just click on below "Red Marked" button.
Apart from this information, you can check:
Profit:The caculated amount for product based on price sets in the setting setion
Product Category Mapping:The product category in which, you want to assign your product(s)
Auto Update:Enable it to update the product status at your BigCommerce store once it changes on Aliexpress.

Bulk Product Category Mapping

To map all product with single BigCommerce product category in bulk, just click on Map Bulk Category button under Product List section.

You will see the list of your BigCommerce product category with the option Save.

Assign all products in a single BigCommerce product category.

Create Product:

Note A: Other Similar procedure actions are: 1)Refresh Product, 2)Update Images, 3) Update Product and, 4 ) Product Delete.
Note B: This action will get used, in the case if product wouldn't get imported to your BigCommerce store during Product Import process.

After all the products are properly imported and edited which means that products have their quantity, and price, then they can be created on your BigCommerce store.

To do so:
  • Simply Choose the desired products
  • Choose to Create Products from Bulk Product Action drop-down menu
  • Click Submit to create product in your BigCommerce store.

Once you submit the listings for creation, the following sucess or error confirmation status appears:

Product create action. Status to check process of product create.

Order Management

Orders created on BigCommerce can be viewed/processed in the App-> Orders section.

1. Visit Orders section from the top menu bar.

2. All the orders with Akcnowledge state along assocaited details like Line Items, Shipping Address, etc will get listed here.

All the order(s) from your BigCommerce store for Aliexpress product(s).

Here, you can filter the order(s) depending on their Product ID, BigCommerce Order ID, Product SKU and Order Status.

Important Note
  • To automate the order fulfillment process, you need to connect your Aliexpress Buyer Account with the app.
  • To connect your Aliexpress account with app either check the section named Aliexpress Account or click here.
  • In the case, you do not have Aliexpress Buyer account, kindly create a Free account by clicking here.
  • If your Aliexpress account connected with the App, you can easily push your orders to your Aliexpress Buyer account.

How to fullfil BigCommerce Orders to Aliexpress?

Once the orders will get fetched from BigCommerce store to app, you need to process them from App. We have tried to explain the process in below content.

  • Click the icon associated with a order. You will see the options to select the Shipping Provider. Select the appropriate shipping provider based on your requirements.
  • Select the appropriate Shipping method and click the , it will create the order instantly and return an Alixpress order ID.
  • Once the order will get created, you can complete the Checkout instantly or can check the Order section in your Aliexpress Buyer account.
Points during order process
  1. Please disable auto shipment process in your BigCommerce store.
  2. For new user on it may be possible that the aliexpress team take 4-7 days to verify your credit card. In this situation, you can contact to aliexpress support.

Happy Dropshipping :)