List, Sync, Manage, & Automate to boost sales on Best Buy Canada

What is the Best Buy Canada integration?


The Best Buy Canada Marketplace integration App has been developed to help Sellers with BigCommerce stores sell their products on the Best Buy Marketplace seamlessly through your BigCommerce Account. This integration enables you to easily sync your products, pricing, and inventory from your BigCommerce store to the Best Buy Marketplace.

Benefits of BigCommerce Marketplace Integration

CedCommerce integration apps benefits

Saves Time

Be it uploading the information of all the items in one go, or finding out the errors while uploading products, the Integration enables you to save time.

Saves Effort

Same here, bulk uploading not only saves time but efforts as well. Besides this, auto acknowledges features accepts the order automatically. There are various other bulk features such as inventory updates, product information correction, price updating makes it somewhat effortless.

app benefits saves effort

CedCommerce integration apps benefits

Save Money

The most affordable quote you can get delivers more value than its pricing. Also, this multi-channel listing saves you from all the money and efforts put in e-mail marketing, cold calling; no listing charges, no auto renewal, and NO CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR FREE TRIAL.

Key features

Inventory Synchronization

Easily synchronize your inventory between BigCommerce and the Best Buy Marketplace.

Order Synchronization

All orders placed on the Best Buy Marketplace will flow automatically to your BigCommerce store.

Notifications & Updates

Receive regular notifications & updates related to your products. For instance, if an order is not synced due to missing SKU or insufficient inventory, you will receive a notification on next steps.

Threshold Inventory

Set inventory threshold limits to receive replenishment notifications.

Auto Cancel Orders

Automatically cancel orders if you do not have the inventory to fill the order.

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