Sell on Walmart and Control all the sales-related operations from your Bigcommerce store.


Walmart Marketplace Integration For BigCommerce Store

The Walmart Marketplace integration lets you connect the BigCommerce store with – among the largest marketplace of U.S., as a result, enable you to sell on Walmart and at the same time perform all the sales critical operations – items setup and management, inventory and order management, and pricing – from your store.

Benefits of Walmart Integration

Benefits of Walmart Integration | CedCommerce

Saves Time

The bulk action functionality saves a lot of time when its coupled with the upload, edit, delete and sync functions.

Saves Effort

Similarly, the same functionality helps merchants to reduce the manual work. In addition, Auto order accepts acknowledges orders on your behalf making the process effortless.

Benefits of Walmart Integration | CedCommerce

Benefits of Walmart Integration | CedCommerce

Save Money

The app delivers more value for its pricing. The post-sales services - expert training, troubleshooting, product updates - don’t include any hidden charges.

Walmart Integration App Features

Real Time Synchronization

Be it orders from, or changes that you make in your product information, all the operations are synchronized in real-time.

Product Custom & Promotional Pricing Management

Custom Pricing enables you to increase or decrease the amount of all the products either by a fixed amount or fixed %age to make your items competitive on Walmart. Additionally, The promotional pricing enables you to make your product available for Clearance or Reduced-Price Sales.

Threshold Quantity

This function enables you to define a minimum product stock thus whenever the stock level reaches the level, the merchants are alerted to restock.

2-Day Shipping Compatible

The app is compatible with 2-Day shipping services from Deliverr enabling merchants to list their products for faster delivery hence enabling customers to increase their conversion rates.

Order and Product Management

Merchants can manage their products - upload, edit, sync and delete. Similarly, the app enables merchants to manage the orders effortlessly - receive, dispatch and fulfill.

Easy User Interface

The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables merchants to get familiar with the functioning of the app in a very short span of time.

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