The Hubspot Integration app seamless sync between your BigCommerce store and Hubspot.

What is HubSpot Integration?


50% of marketers considered marketing automation to be among their top priorities. It helps to achieve sales enablement, increase revenue from existing customers; proving the ROI of their marketing activities, and reduce customer acquisition costs.


Personal Account Manager

  • A skilled executive is made responsible to successfully integrate your BigCommerce stores with your HubSpot account.
  • By making them familiar with the navigation of the HubSpot BigCommerce integration panel.
  • Making him understand the process of listing of products, orders, cart, customers details from BigCommerce store to HubSpot and overall management of the panel.

Empathetic Support

Available 24*7 for all sorts of queries.

Features of HubSpot Marketplace Integration

Reduces Chunk Rate

Similarly, RFM segmentation at the store level enables merchants to identify the customers who are just about to leave quickly. Hence, they can get in contact with them again through chat, surveys, or coupons and prevent them from going.

Prove the ROI of marketing activities

The present information enables marketers to create different buyer personas; predict their behavior, and generate forecasting for acquiring customers within a budget.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

This metric shows how precisely you know your customers. Since the app segments all of the purchase-related information into customer groups and customer properties, it becomes easier to map the exact purchase characteristics accurately. And as a result, it gets easier to bring down the customer acquisition costs.

Compel customers to make a repeat purchase

The RFM segmentation at the BigCommerce store enables you to create workflows at Hubspot. After that, map the two so as the customers are sent the right deals at the correct time to increase repeat purchase.

Sync, Analyze, and Automate

The app enables merchants to sync orders, contacts, products at BigCommerce store with Hubspot. As a result, you can quickly analyze the high spenders, low spenders, or spenders with frequent but small AOV purchases. Then, you can devise a strategy - create a workflow - to target, engage, and make them purchase more.

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