Multichannel Migrator for Bigcommerce

Multichannel Migrator App For BigCommerce Migration | CedCommerce

The Multichannel Migrator app enables aspiring BigCommerce users who have established their online presence with other platforms - Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, & Prestashop, and others - to move their entire store information to the newly created BigCommerce store as part of their migration services for Bigcommerce.

Benefits of Multichannel Migrator for Bigcommerce

  • Crucial Data Migration in one go | BigCommerce Migration
  • Date Wise Import | BigCommerce Migration
  • Customized Data Transfer | BigCommerce Migration
  • Quickly Migrate Products | BigCommerce Migration
This app helps you to access the migration service for Bigcommerce and import all the crucial data - Products, Orders and Customers - to their Bigcommerce store from their existing stores in one-go.
Moreover, the app also empowers you to meet customer’s demands during a specific season. It enables you to import the data for a certain time period. For example, as the winter sales season is approaching, merchants can import the data of all the orders, customers who made the orders and the products they purchased in the last winter. It enables them to be selective and focused. Therefore, you make data-driven decisions and it works in favor of your business.
In addition to it, merchants can choose particular products to be imported to their BigCommerce store. They can choose from various filters such as a catalog of particular products or avoid those products which are out of stock or import products belonging to certain brand/manufacturer and more.
Time is money and the app enables sellers to move their data surprisingly fast, This way, it enables sellers to utilize the extra time for the productive things that boost your ROI.

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