List, Sync, Manage & Automate to boost sales on Walmart Canada

What is the Bigcommerce Walmart Canada Integration?


The Walmart Canada Bigcommerce app makes Bigcommerce the central place for managing all the sales related operations so you don't need to juggle between accounts. The app provides you the ability to completely control, customize and monitor the entire spectrum of functions related to management of inventory, order, and shipping.


Whatever be the products

Simple or variant, the app is compatible with all the products. It lets you roll different variations into one-combined listing to increase conversion rates.

Howsoever be the quantity

There is simply no Bar on how many products you can upload, so let's just say you can upload unlimited products. In fact, you get FREE assistance in importing first 10,000 SKUs including variants.

No bar on Orders too

Like the product upload, there is no bar on the number of orders you can receive through this app. Unlimited, again!

Features of Walmart Canada Marketplace Integration

Prevents Overselling and Underselling

It's more than a feature. It not only helps you control how much to sell in the marketplace but also alerts you when inventory levels are diminished or exceed the set limit.

Near-Real Time information Sync

Consistency in listing across platforms (Bigcommerce & Walmart Canada) eliminate any and every pseudo loss. All the information edits, orders received and listing optimization related tasks are updated in real-time on Walmart.

Take Bulk action

From pushing all of the products on the Walmart Canada marketplace platform for making required changes to the products to making pricing related changes, all of the actions can be performed in bulk to crucial time and efforts of the online sellers.


The to-be-uploaded catalogs must be optimized as per Walmart listing guidelines. The in-built Error rectification function identifies all such deviations and informs you to rectify it.

Interactive Dashboard

Data backed drives higher conversion by-analytics. Get information about How many products are live or, how many of them are not; which product sells more and what are the total sales - every information within sellers' grasp and take an informed decision.

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